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2018 Meeting in Poland Spring Maine

Tour of Shaker Village on Saturday July 28
We have set up a tour at the Shaker Village, which is just down the road – for Saturday morning before the picnic at MEERS! This is an amazing slice of history that we thought would be an interesting adventure for visitors to our area. A tad bit of information is below, so much more will be provided during the tour!

**The tour is scheduled for 10a.m. on Saturday July 28th, 2018, for $10/per person. We need to pre-register for this tour, so please sign up with me ASAP (or use the meal & activity registration form in the NEW newsletter). Thank you! My email is:

We make you freely welcome.”

Established in 1783, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Gloucester is home to the only active Shaker Community in the world today. Situated on 1,800 acres of farm and forest land with seventeen historic structures from the 1780s through the 1950s, the Village continues to be a place where the Shakers live, work, and worship. “Put your hands to work, and give your hearts to God” continues as their guiding principle, as expressed by their leader Mother Ann Lee more than 230 years ago.

Best-known today for popular styles of 19th century furniture and crafts, the Shaker legacy includes many achievements in social reform, agriculture, technology, and innovation. The flat broom, the circular saw blade, the spring clothespin, chair tilter buttons, and the paper seed envelope are all among a long list of Shaker inventions. They welcome visitors to experience parts of their history and on-going heritage through their museum, research library, traditional craft workshops, concerts, educational programs, membership support group, and even their Sunday worship services.

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