Ackerman’s Danny Boy’s Jack Cream

Danny Boy

Reg No. = #463
AGE: foaled- 1998
SIRE: Hockett’s Cap’s Danny Boy
DAM: Jenny Cream N/R
Jeb- N/N
Terrence & Marilyn Precord
5233 Muddy Creek RD
West River, MD 20778
Cell 410-279-1015

BLC Joker’s Einstein

Reg No. – 697
Foaled: May 26, 2009
Sire – Lupkes’ C.J.’s Joker
Dam – Barney’s Cream Ronnie
JEB negative

Einstein is one of the easiest horses to manage I’ve ever had. Mares and geldings included. I often hop on him and ride around my pastures with no tack at all. I can ride him on trails with new horses. He has never needed more than a very mild snaffle bit even around mares. He jumps well for a horse his size. He’s good with mares, geldings, and babies. He’s smart and quiet, but he has very nice action and is never sluggish. He is an easy keeper and has never been lame a day in his life. He is a very healthy hearty boy. I plan to get his genetic testing done this spring.

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Quinn Berry, IA
or 319-331-7518.

Forevergreen Clayton

Reg No. – 701
Foaled: 2006
Sire – JD’s Dee Jay #283
Dam – Clar Ann Susie #306
JEB negative

ACDHA mares or tracking mares, live cover, AI

Wendell Lupkes
Waterloo, Iowa

H-N-J’s Dick’s Zachary

H-N-J's Dick's Zachary

Reg No. – 659
AGE: Foaled 9-1-2007
Sire: Claire Ann Dick #243
Dam: H-N-J Julie-300

He is a handsome horse and has already sired seven foals: three colts and four fillies.

Joe Dolan, IA

Lupke’s C.J’s Joker

Lupke's C.J's Joker

Reg No. – 580
AGE: April 26, 2004
Sire: Lupkes Captain’s Jake
Dam: John Ann Acres Danny Boy’s Taffy

Angela Bleeker, WA

or 509-235-8117

Corson’s Swedish Prinz Gustav


Reg No. – 676
AGE: April 5, 2006
Sire: Brehm’s Swede # 439
Dam: H-N-J’s Dick’s Mae Pearl # 417

The stallion is a well built a willing to drive Cream a little shorter bodied and a history of good cream colts. I will send a picture later.

Ben & Linda Corson, ID.
(208) 267-2174 or

Barney’s Incredible Ivan


Reg No. – 590
AGE: Feb. 10, 2005
Sire: Captain’s Barnabus Gold # 234
Dam: Frank’s New Years Eve (Vonda Farms) # 390

Ivan is 16 hands, very solid build, lots of bone, short back and a great disposition. He is broke to ride and runs in the pasture with Lucky my big gelding.

I do outside breeding but live cover only at present and my fee is $400 LFG and mare care is dependent on several things so I don’t have a set price.

We are located in Lodi, California, about 35 miles south of Sacramento.

Belle Davis, Lodi, CA

Jokers Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Reg No. – 654
AGE: Born 2007
Sire: Parents Lupke’s CJs Joker
Dam: Clar Ann Cream Dream

Mischala Walker
or visit our website, for more information on our stud.

Duke’s Colonel


Reg: #712
Age: April 2008
Sire: JD’s Earl of Duke
Dam: H-N-J Dick’s Abby
JEB N/N PSSM N/P Champagne:CH/CH Cream: N/N

16.2 HH homozygous champagne stallion. Easy to handle, great around other horses including mares in heat, can be turned out with geldings, easy to ride. Good bone density, nice straight legs. Extremely smart and willing horse. Has had all mares in foal on first breeding.

Holly Haven Farm
Alexander Dorsey or Sarah Stovall
1239 Vawter Corner Rd
Louisa, VA 23093

Dan Dee’s Osiris

Reg No. – 651
AGE: born in 2006
SIRE: Duke #471
DAM: Kate # T00111,
JEB negative
OTHER: app. 16 hands medium cream.

CONTACT: Dan Zarske
Herron, MI.
phone is 989-884-2203

Johnann Acres Cheaters Luke

Reg No. – 588
AGE: Foaled in April 2004
Sire: Ackerman Dan’s Cheater #348
Dam: John Ann Acres Danny Boy’s Dee Dee 358

The stallion is a well built a willing to drive Cream a little shorter bodied and a history of good cream colts.

Tim Helt