WADE (Colt)

Wade (Reg #781) was foaled October 08, 2017.

Sire: Rose Hill Sandy/Linc Quigley (#734); and Dam: Rose Hill Cream of Wheat Darby (T0004).

He will most likely mature to a medium or dark cream, has pink skin, and amber eyes, and nice conformation. He is handled daily, is gentle with kids and other animals. Currently in training. Intact male (colt). JEB N/N parentage

Contact: Frank Tremel (West River, MD) at (301) 261-5327 or rosehillcreams@aol.com

Updated Post 14 March, 2020


Creams in Montana for sale:

* Filly named Lilly born March 2017

(Foal is out of the stallion “Ike” and has pink skin.)


Wes Rogalski in Montana at:




*Dream Big* aka”Biggie”. You can also find him at Equinenow.com where we have a video uploaded of this gorgeous little colt.

Biggie was born 15 April, 2020. He is eligible for full registration, and he has been tested (DNA and disease).

Sire: Rose Hill Sandy/Linc Quigley (#734) and Dam: Minnie aka Lively’s Sunny Hamilton (#598)

We are working on his ground manners, teaching him to be haltered, wear a fly mask, get fly spray, touching all over, etc. We will continue to develop his skills. He has a great personality. Very curious, but is learning to respect your space. His eyes are blue right now, but we expect them to change to amber, like his mom.

He is trained to the electric fence and has good social skills. His “herd” consists of 3 mini donkeys, a mule, 4 goats, chickens, and other Creams. He is eating pasture grass, hay, and a little bit of grain. We will begin weaning him mid-September, which is when he will be ready to travel to your farm and meet his new herd 🙂

He is a gorgeous boy that is going to make someone very, very happy.

Located in VT, contact David Muller at Drdavidmuller@gmail.com