Ackerman’s Danny Boy’s Jack Cream

Reg No. – 463
AGE: foaled- 1998
SIRE: Hockett’s Cap’s Danny Boy #265
DAM: Jenny – Cream N/R
Jeb- N/N
Terrence & Marilyn Precord
5233 Muddy Creek RD
West River, MD 20778
Cell 410-279-1015

Forevergreen Clayton

Reg No. – 701
Foaled: 2006
Sire – JD’s Dee Jay #283
Dam – Clar Ann Susie #306
JEB negative

ACDHA mares or tracking mares, live cover, AI

Wendell Lupkes
Waterloo, Iowa

H-N-J’s Dick’s Zachary

Reg No. – 659
AGE: Foaled 9-1-2007
Sire: Clar Ann Dick #243
Dam: H-N-J Julie #300

He is a handsome horse and has already sired seven foals: three colts and four fillies.

Joe Dolan, IA

Lupkes’ C.J’s Joker

Reg No. – 580
AGE: April 26, 2004
Sire: Lupkes’ Captain’s Jake # 414
Dam: John Ann Acres Danny Boy’s Taffy #357

Angela Bleeker, WA

or 509-235-8117


Reg No. – 734
AGE: Foaled 2012
Sire: Rose Hill Lincoln #675
Dam: Ye Plain Ole Sand Storm #307

The stallion is 15H, pink skin, medium Cream, white double mane and tail. He has a history of both good cream colts and fillies.

JEB neg

Frank Tremel, in MD

(301) 261-5327 or

Jokers Golden Boy

Reg No. – 654
AGE: Born 2007
Sire: Lupkes’ CJ’s Joker #580
Dam: Clar Ann Cream Dream #317

Mischala Walker
or visit our website, for more information on our stud.

Duke’s Colonel

Reg No. – 712
Foaled April 2008
Sire: JD’s Earl of Duke
Dam: H-N-J Dick’s Abby

16.2 HH
JEB N/N and PSSM P1/n

Color genes: Champagne:Ch/Ch and Cream: n/n

Holly Haven Farm
Alexander Dorsey or Sarah Stovall
1239 Vawter Corner Rd
Louisa, VA 23093
(931)307-0616 or (931)581-6876

Dan Dee’s Osiris

Reg No.  651
AGE: Born 2006
SIRE: JD’s Earl of Duke (471)
DAM: H-n-J’s Dick’s Kate  (Tr 00111)
JEB N/N, 16 HH, medium cream

CONTACT: Dan Zarske
Herron, MI.
phone: 989-884-2203

Jokers Incredible Oakley

Reg No. – 759
AGE: Foaled March 5, 2016
Sire: Joker’s Golden Boy #654
Dam: B & B Holly’s Abbie #692

JEB N/N; PSSM neg; homozygous champagne (Ch/Ch)

2020 stud fee $750 includes one collection and shipping OR will include one week mare care and AI. This is an introductory rate and will go up for 2021.

Becky Jones

Dodgeville, WI

Phone: 608-574-0571

Ackerman’s Million Dollar Max

Million Dollar Max

Reg No. 606
AGE: Foaled 2004

Sire: H-N-J’s Dick’s Joe (433)
Dam: Ackerman’s Allisha  (593)

16 hh
PSSM: P1/n JEB: n/n
Color genes: Champagne: Ch/n and Cream: cr/n

Mares will be taken to our vet for breeding and the cost will be for boarding the mare and the boarding of Max while breeding. Paid to our vet. He will ultrasound and determine the right time to hand breed Max to your mare. Any and all charges will not be our responsibility.

Very well trained, saddle and harness, can ride and drive in presence of mares, handled by juniors, sweet and kind.

CONTACT: Sue Engel, Marcellus, MI;  cellphone: 269-718-5522

Osiris’s Duke of Michigan (Duke)

Duke_Web small_101519


Reg# 777

Foaled June 18, 2014

Sire: Dan Dee’s Osiris (651)

Dam: Dan Dee’s Butterscotch (652)

He is 16.3hh and wears large draft gear.

Duke is JEB N/N, and PSSM n/n

Color genes: Champagne Ch/n and Cream n/n

Contact: Kerrie Beckett (ME), ph: 207-504-0347


KFF Clayton’s Doc Strange (Studley)


Reg No. 776

Foaled: March 28, 2017

Sire: Forevergreen Clayton (701)

Dam: BLC Joker’s Sierra Mist (723)


Color genes: Champagne Ch/n

CONTACT: Corson’s Creams (contact: Tiffany Corson), (ID);

ph: 574-312-0453



BLC Joker’s White Russian (Asher)

Reg No. 704

Foaled May 28, 2010

Sire: Lupkes’ C.J.’s Joker (580)

Dam: Barney’s Cream Dream’s Moon (499)

JEB N/N-parentage and PSSM N/N

Cream and champagne genes

Shipping fresh cooled semen

Asher is also an “improvement stallion” for ASHDH.

CONTACT: Lisa Black at Fields of Gold Farm (NC); ph: 828-692-7096




Reg No. 621

Foaled December 24, 2002

Sire: Barney’s Sampson (443) and Dam: Forevergreen Hana (431)


Champagne gene: Ch/n

Will collect and ship, as well as live cover.

All foals have had color, even though he’s hetero for Ch

Contact: Ken or Anne Murray of Workhorse Ranch & Olde Tyme Carriage Co. (North Texas)

Ph: 817-925-4993 or 817-929-6068

LINCOLN – Creams in Germany

Rose Hill ADBJ463 Lincoln – #675

Foaled May 2, 2007

Sire: Ackerman’s Danny Boy’s Jack Cream 463 and Dam: Rose Hill Cream of Wheat Darby T00004

Lincoln is well trained, easy to handle, and gentle. Lincoln and his mare Connie have had 3 fillies while together!! He is JEB N/N-parentage.

Please contact: Dominik and Katharina Böttcher at

Utgast, Niedersachsen, Germany